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Carina Nickerson, founder and creator of the Embodied Mindfulness School, Senior Embodied Mindfulness Coach and yoga teacher at Yogalution Movement, is dedicated to teaching people to decode their inner guidance and unlock their peace, passion, and purpose. She works with aspiring and current healers to help them grow the calling in their heart and natural gifts into a prosperous life they love through The Embodied Mindfulness School’s™ Apprentice Program where students become Certified Embodied Mindfulness Coaches.

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"Carina helped me realize that actually I could take my gifts and I can share them with others of my own accord without having to be in a job that didn't align with my true purpose. I’ve had incredible personal transformation as well." - Marlene M. 



“I have been able to identity negative thoughts more quickly, and now have the tools to transform them into positive ones. I have learned how much my thoughts were connected to my feelings. I used to live more in my head, my reality was my thoughts. As I started to feel more, and allow myself to feel more I was able to understand my thoughts and control them better.” - Jennifer O



“I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the work that you do. I have never felt such peace and joy in my heart and soul until I started working with you.” - Katharine F


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